We’re thrilled to unveil the latest version of our platform. Our team has been hard at work to release v1.91 which packed with exciting features and a sleek new Dark Mode now available in the DJ Dashboard at KaraokeDJ.com. Here we provide you an overview of this update and how to enable it on your Dashboard.

Say Hello! to Dark Mode

Our all-new Dark Mode for the DJ Dashboard now offers more subtle viewing experience while you work your live venues. This sleek design includes a series of changes that modernize the look of our platform but also additionally is designed to reduce eye strain at your live venues which we realize are in many cases dimly lit! Now you have the choice between both Classic Mode & Dark Mode. Easily toggle between both, as we give you even more control over your Dashboard & live venue experience.

Enabling Dark Mode

Enabling Dark Mode is simply. First, login to your dashboard with your custom URL provided by us. Once you are logged in, go to Settings > Preferences. Once you are in Preferences, click on the Dark Mode toggle button to turn it on. If you want to switch back to Classic Mode, simply click the toggle again and you will revert the change. It’s literally that simple.

Enable Dark Mode

Additional Updates with this Release

With this update we’ve also made layout changes in Settings > Account to making more comprehensive. We’ve now included one-way integration with our Payment Merchant so you can view the status of your account & view your next billing cycle. In a future update we will include account management features, in the meantime we’ve included instructions on how to administer account changes directly on this page.

Song-Edit Updates

KaraokeDJ v1.91 introduces exciting new fields in the Song List > Add/Edit Songs page. Now, when adding or editing songs to your playlist, you can specify additional metadata such as Disc Name (Album), Genre & Song Key. This ‘fine-tuning’ allows you to organize your song collection with more precision and will prepare you for our Search by Genre update coming in a future update. Add List will include these additional fields in a future update as well.

Upgrade Today & Elevate Your Live Venue Karaoke Experience

Ready to elevate your DJ experience? Join us now and immerse yourself in this new massive release of our platform & all the new features available in your Dashboard.

Thank you for choosing KaraokeDJ.com for your live venue karaoke entertainment needs. Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements in the future, and in the meantime, happy KDJing!