Karaoke Song Request Software
For Venue Hosts (& All Music Lovers)

Multi-access point live song request platform designed for KJs, DJs & Entertainers everywhere. Simply & easily take song requests, promote your DJ business & be loved by your venue guests & music-loving fans.

How it works

Provide guests with your customized QR code. Simply scan the code with any smartphone & start taking live song requests in an all-new way! (Your guests will love it.)

What makes it Awesome

Affordable. Portable. Customers love it. Fun & Easy-to-use for everyone!


Simply provide your users with your custom QR code, scan & start filling your night!

Sleek Layout

Works & looks great on all devices: smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, PC on iOS or Android & more!

Awesome Design

Designed by musicians who understand that details matter when it comes to UI, design & ease-of-use!


No software download necessary, everything hosted in the cloud... so it goes where you go!

Platform Samples

Your guests easily access your database & submit song requests directly to you

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