At, we’ve been on a journey to enhance your karaoke nights, and we’re thrilled to unveil a major milestone in 2024 – our brand-new themes! After meticulous design & development, we’re introducing themes that cater to various styles, preferences & moods ensuring a more personalized & enjoyable experience for both Karaoke DJs and their guests.

1. Fun Mode πŸŽ‰ – Where the Party Never Ends

Fun Theme

Get ready to infuse energy and excitement into your karaoke nights with Fun Mode. This contemporary and colorful theme is designed to radiate joy and create a lively atmosphere. Its vibrant visuals and dynamic elements will elevate the fun factor at your live venues, ensuring an unforgettable karaoke experience for everyone.

2. Dark Mode 🌚 – Our New Minimalist Color Scheme

Dark Theme

For those who prefer a sleek and modern aesthetic, Dark Mode is here to make a statement. With a design that’s easy on the eyes, this theme provides a visually stunning backdrop for your karaoke sessions. Embrace the sophistication of Dark Mode as you navigate through your song selections and create an immersive atmosphere at your venues.

3. Elegant Mode 🌸 – A New Spin on a Classic Design

Designed with a touch of sophistication, Elegant Mode adds a dash of refinement to Tailored for those special occasions or venues that appreciate a more polished look, this theme exudes timeless elegance. Elevate your brand with Elegant Mode, specially crafted for an elevated and stylish experience, particularly appealing to our female audience.

4. Classic – Time-Tested Charm in Every Song

Classic Theme

Embrace the nostalgia & familiarity of our hallmark colors – grey, white, and blue – with Classic. This theme brings back the time-tested charm of our classic look and feel. It’s a tribute to our roots and a nod to the enduring appeal of the experience. Navigate through your catalog with a sense of nostalgia and reliability with our Classic theme.

Access Your Themes Anytime, Anywhere!

Switching between themes is now simpler than ever. Whether you’re in Fun Mode’s vibrant world or enjoying the refined ambiance of Elegant Mode, accessing & switching themes is a breeze. As always, guests can easily scan your custom QR code or visit your personalized URLs at live venues, ensuring a seamless transition between themes on any device. Then just select from the dropdown on the footer of any page of your catalog to update your UX to the new theme!

Ready to Elevate Your Karaoke Nights?

Step into 2024 with a fresh perspective on the live karaoke experience. The launch of our new themes marks a new era for, where customization meets innovation, and every karaoke night becomes an immersive experience. Explore Fun Mode, Dark Mode, Elegant Mode & our Classic theme–the choice is yours!

Stay tuned for more updates, features, and surprises as we continue to redefine the live venue experience. Let the music play, guests sing & now themes transform your karaoke nights into unforgettable memories. If you’d like to try them for yourself, sign up today or contact us to request your free demo & give them a spin! 🎀🌟