Our Songlist Format

Signed up now and ready to import your songs? Great! We’re here to help make the process of importing your entire list as seamless as possible so you can hit your venues knowing your catalogue is now available exactly the way your guests want it! Here’s a quick breakdown of details when you are on our Add Bulk List page within your Dashboard (under Song List).

File Format

Our system is designed to read .csv because it’s simple, lightweight and easy to read. We currently accept 2 formats within the list depending on your preference. The first option is with Artist;Song written per line in your list. This will import both the Artist and Song into your database.

Additionally, you can also submit your TrackIDs for internal use at your venues as well. The format for this is simply: Song;Artist;TrackID (to display TrackIDs in your Requests Console, just go to Settings > Preferences & enable TrackID Mode.

Producing Lists from Scratch

If you do not have a list and are not sure on how to produce a list A quick search for ‘export song list for your player software’ provides step-by-step instructions. Once formatted to match ours, you’re ready for the next step.


For speed & reliability, our system has a 6.5MB file-upload limit. If a formatted list is larger than 6.5MB, no problem, simply submit multiple lists and our system will process them independently. We currently do not have a limit on the number of songs you can have in your list.

Redundancy Handling

Our system will automatically identify and purge exact duplicates, whether any exist within a songlist or your hosted songbook database on our system. For example if you happened to have two matching instances of “Hurt” by “Johnny Cash” (well, we know this was by Trent Reznor & NIN but you get the idea), our system will tally and let you know how many duplicate entries were skipped in the finalized report.

Best Practices

To ensure the best looking catalog for your guests, consider spending some time removing unnecessary information from song or filenames. A simple search and replace to remove information like song manufacturers (“Sound Choice” for example) or terms like “Karaoke Version” from your Artist;Song format, will not only improves the appearance of your list it also enhances searchability for your guests & makes it easier for our API to search for & deliver appropriate album artwork on the fly! This is time well spent because it only needs to be done once and you’re good to go.

List Import Services

If you want a hands-off approach we’ve got you covered. We offer list importation services for just $50. Simply attach your list in .csv (or Excel) & email it to us at: inbox@karaokedj.com and let our team handle the formatting, importing & testing.

We hope this article has been helpful for you to produce your own list so that your guests & your music can take center stage!