How did our company start? We’re glad you are here and asked because here is our story! Read on…

Everyone knows that for decades at live karaoke venues, it was common to use physical songbooks to see what songs are available to sing. Song books that are all too often outdated and weathered. For both the hosts and the guests would be faced with a singular issue as many of the songs they wanted to sing were never listed listed in the books made available to venue guests. Short version—this classic situation led to the birth of

The year was 2013, when QR codes were becoming prevalent on the internet. It was at this time, the idea for was born—the idea to create a platform solution that would allow karaoke venue hosts to provide their guests with a QR code that would link them to their entire catalogue, all from their smartphone or digital device. The concept while simple, was revolutionary. OK great, now what?

In order to develop a fully-featured solution, it became necessary to assemble a talented team to work to build a solution that not only solved the physical songbook problem but would also scale to service an entire industry. After many hours of development, a product that was secure, stable, portable & versatile was ready to be released to the world.

Consulting with industry professionals who have been running live venues for many years was critical to the success of the development of our platform. Taking into account their feedback has been invaluable in delivering the product & platform features that are now available to the public today.

But there was still one question left to answer: what would the service be called? After much brainstorming and research, we discovered that the domain name “” was for sale. It was the perfect name for this kind of service that was designed specifically to help live venue DJs & Karaoke DJ’s alike to now be able to take a powerful & portable solution with them to their venues—no more physical songbooks with our digital songbook solution & online song request software!

After launching in September 2014, quickly gained popularity among live venue karaoke hosts and DJs. The platform made it easy for hosts to provide guests with an up-to-date songbook, and guests loved the convenience of being able to browse the entire catalog from their own devices.

Now over 9 years later, has been helping live venue karaoke hosts & DJs to put their entire catalogue into the hands of their guests & patrons the world over! With our platform, the live venue karaoke experience has now been elevated for everyone.

In conclusion, the birth of our live DJ-focused organization has not only solved the longstanding outdated songbook problem but has also revolutionized the way live venue karaoke hosts & DJs operate their live venues, manage their business but also how they now engage with their venue guests everywhere! Join us & try our platform today!