At, we believe in delivering exceptional value to our users right from the start. Doing so requires we invest in all of our platform users, both Karaoke DJs & their venue guests. Our multi-featured platform is designed specifically to elevate your karaoke experience, no matter where you are. Now let’s dive into what’s included when you sign up with us.

100% Awesome Guarantee

Account Configuration

Account setup requires specific configuration across multiple platforms to ensure our seamless experience for every Karaoke DJ & their venue guests.

Personalized Branding

Stand out with a custom URL, such as “” This not only boosts your professional image but also makes it easier for patrons to find and engage with your services at live venues.

Efficient Song List Import

Simplify your catalog with our advanced song list import. Our removal of duplicates algorithm ensures a streamlined and organized songbook for your audience to browse, saving you valuable time.

Custom QR Code

Enhance your brand visibility with a custom QR code, providing patrons with easy access to browse and request songs directly from their smartphones.

Billing and Subscription Profile Setup

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our setup and management of your billing and subscription profile. No hidden fees—just a transparent and straightforward approach to account management.

24/7 Email Support

Feel supported at all times with our 24/7 email support. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, ensuring a reliable partner at every step.

Timely Setup and Assistance

Your time is valuable. Our one-time account setup process is designed to make the onboarding process seamless while assuring your account will be set up promptly (often before your next gig!). Plus, our team is here to provide any necessary assistance with importing and testing your newly imported song list.

Free Album Artwork for All Recognized Tracks

As a bonus, our setup fee covers free album artwork for all recognized tracks on our platform. Enhance the visual appeal of your song listings and add a professional touch to your overall presentation.


Our one-time fee of $50 to set up your account offers a list of comprehensive services & features aimed at empowering you, the live venue operator & Karaoke DJ, with everything you & your venue guests enjoy using to provide a contemporary live Karaoke experience. As a business owner, your decision to use our platform is a strategic investment in your success.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your karaoke business? Sign up here & experience the difference today!