Create your Account is a full-service live venue experience platform—which means you don't have any additional costs to guest management & provide complete access to your song library. Get access now to leverage ALL of these features today:

  • Convenient, easy browsing of your catalogue
  • Access point to request songs directly online
  • Mobile-friendly access to your back office 24/7
  • Free auto-generated QR codes for easy access
  • Free marketing materials to promote your business at venues
  • Brand your business with custom logo on every page
  • Unlimited track listings, requests & venues (no account quotas)
  • Add your newest tracks anytime so your database is always up-to-date
  • Receive SMS notification for requests
  • Personalized guest experience (Facebook Login)
  • Guests can mark their favorite tracks, browse song request history
  • Easily search by our search engine or browse alphabetically
  • Album artwork appears for almost all of your track listings
  • DJs can offer shoutouts on the app, ie: 'Happy birthday Erica!', 'Happy hour for one more hour!', etc.
  • Queue requests as they come in so you don't get confused
  • Enable tipping with PayPal guests can easily tip you for your services (easy to setup)
  • 24/7 System access & unlimited Email Support
  • The entire system fits in your pocket because its on the cloud—ditch the paper songbooks & more!
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