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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of questions often asked about our product platform & live venue services.

Who is our platform perfect for?

Everyone. More specifically, all karaoke singers & venue host operators whose job is being the life of the party at any live venue which includes Karaoke, DJing & more. Accessible in the cloud, the KaraokeDJ.com platform works seamlessly at your live venues & your guests love this new user experience!

How does it work?

Simply produce any of the personal & custom QR-code-scannable materials for guests at your venues. Next, they scan your QR with their smartphone or visit your custom songbook URL (eg: yourbusiness.karaokedj.com) & immediately gain access to browse your song list & request their favorite song they want to sing or enjoy! You can now throw away that clunky binder with your song list that is months out of date with all your current music!

(Guests can also save their favorite songs in a list if they subscribe to your service using their name & Email!)

What's needed to use KaraokeDJ.com at my live venues?

1. YOU — Internet access via your phone, tablet, laptop or other device.

2. GUESTS — Your scannable QR code to access & search your songs (provided by us or create your own).

3. YOU — Start taking requests!

Does our service offer pre-purchased & hosted Karaoke files?

Great question. Most of our users already own their own music file library and run it within their mobile setup for the songs they offer their guests. At this time, KaraokeDJ.com does not offer music or hosted audio in any format for use at live venues. We specialize in making your live venue experience as seamless & intuitive as possible for everyone who uses our platform (along with a ton of added features that guests love)!

What do I get with my monthly subscription?

24/7 access to your own custom web address (eg: mykaraokebiz.karaokedj.com) on our secure platform.

24/7 access to personalized PDF printable materials for circulation to guests at your venues.

Access to support & resources to help you get the most out of your KaraokeDJ account.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely! We offer many types of support including support for: account setup, data importing, instruction on how to use, pointers on use & education on marketing opportunities within KaraokeDJ (eg: Facebook, Email marketing & more).

What is your pricing?

Current pricing is very reasonable as we are looking to work with as many event hosts and venues as possible starting at only $31.00USD per month (typically $45) & currently NO Account Setup Fee (normally $50) for our staff to setup your custom account, database, QR codes, branding & more (read more). Commercial venue account pricing starts at only $65/mo (contact us for details). Get started now! We also have different packages to accommodate commercial implementations, no. of DJs, number of venues & specific feature solutions. We offer custom solutions & platform options to meet the specific needs of your entertainment business. Contact us for pricing.

How do I get access to this great product!

Register for an account or Contact us for access & we will get in touch with you!