Our Evolution

Follow our journey as we chronicle our platform enhancements. The following is a comprehensive list of software changes.


version 1.9124.01.30

- Introducing Dashboard Dark Mode (read our blog post)
- New layout in Settings > Account, including one-way integration with Payment Merchant
- Added new fields for Song List > Add Songs: Disc Name (Album), Genre & Song Key
- 'Delete Song' now removes any Favorites starred by Guests for full deletion of Track data
- Increased pagination size to 5 on Song List
- Bug fixes on Add Songs functionality
- Added Security on Dashboard Login

version 1.924.01.22

- Improved Add Song handle scenario check for duplicates
- Added new field for List Import, TrackID now supported in Add List import feature
- Layout improvements including bug fixes in mobile for Dashboard & Guest Frontend
- Bug fixes on serving custom QR codes

version 1.8424.01.08

- Introduced Guest Frontend Themes (Fun Mode, Dark Mode, Elegant Mode)
- Introduced Dashboard Notifications on Dashboards for Announcement propagation
- Codebase overhaul, layout improvements in mobile for Dashboard & Guest Frontend

Last updated on: Jan. 28th, 2024.